Pragmatic Geographer


Ben Reilly


Professional software developer with more than five years of experience with an analytical data science oriented background. I approach problems with curiosity, careful research, and thoughtful collaboration with colleagues.


Scalable data model and API design. Spatial data and applications. Web applications and security. System integration. Graph networks.


Lead Engineer – 2012 to present

ClipCard, Seattle WA

I lead a team to develop the ClipCard product, an advanced distributed software platform that uses a variety of web services to store, organize, and index large file sets and associated metadata for a wide variety of content.

  • Led the team of professional developers; dividing tasks, estimating resources, assessing priorities
  • Full stack work; data model/backend design, search engine integration, deployment/devops, authentication/security, asynchronous file operations
  • Primary developer responsible for data model and REST API; design, functionality, documentation

GIS DBA/Developer – 2009 to 2012

Peninsula Light Power Co, Gig Harbor WA

Integrated power company data sources and services into useful, cross-platform interfaces, migrated legacy systems to more open platforms, automated legacy manual tasks, created useful tools and interfaces for internal users.

  • Exposed important outage detection, conservation, spatial, and asset management data in a number of useful RESTful services.
  • Developed a mobile and desktop web map viewer, one internal and one for public consumption.
  • Smartgrid implementation – integrating Java toolkit functions into load control mechanisms and SCADA data
  • Successful migration of engineering design system + geographic information system to a more open, easier-to-develop-for platform.

Software Developer – 2007 to 2009

Salt River Project, Phoenix AZ

  • Co-created a water quality application that produces a 24-hour prediction of contaminant concentrations based on a dynamic aggregation from a variety of sources
  • Developed a lock-out, tag-out safety addon to ArcGIS that highlights potential water hazards encountered by crews performing maintenance based on a depth first search of the water network.
  • Helped maintain the in-house ArcEngine application
  • In charge of schema design/change administration for large water utility GIS database

Open Source Contributions

  • Django web framework
  • Django Rest Framework library
  • NetworkX graph library
  • Google People-Finder loader
  • Skybot IRC bot


Environmental Resource Management, M.Sc. Thesis: Predictive GIS Landuse Modeling: Sustainable Community Development in Churchill, Manitoba (Canada)

Geography/Geographic Information Systems, B.S.

History, B.A.

Fall 2003 – Spring 2008 Central Washington University, Ellensburg