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Geometric Network Geoprocessing

I’ve been hammering away at a GIS migration project that has been going on far longer than anyone expected it might take, but I’ve gotten the opportunity to hack away at some Python to more or less fix a problem I found on TheGISForum:

I currently have a geometric network that I’ve been working with using the Utility Network Analyst tools. However, I’ve been trying to perform a few tasks that I’ve noticed the Network Analyst tools provide, but the Utility Network Analyst does not. Specifically, I want to place barriers at all locations specified by a point feature class – a functionality provided by the “Add Locations” tool in the Network Analyst Toolset. Is there a way to use the network analyst tools on a geometric network?

The answer, sadly, is no. As far as I can tell, ESRI has not released any geoprocessing tools for their Geometric Network. But it is possible to roll-your-own solution to get the same kind of tools by using existing open source libraries. I have a work-in-progress project along these exact lines.